Colossus makes a cameo in the first episode. Colossus is also among the heroes who help the little girl in A Brat Walks Among Us and also participates in Reptil's "football game" as he was the one who grabbed the girl from Juggernaut. He is voiced by Tom Kenny, Spongebob's voice actor.


Angel and ColossusEdit

Colossus comes with Angel in this Wave 1 pack. The Angel is in a red costume. Colossus is not yet determined of what costume he is wearing.

X-Men's Danger Room Debacle!Edit

Colossus comes with Cyclops, in his black 90's costume, Wolverine, in his yellow costume, Magneto in his classic outfit, and Angel, in his Jean Grey designed outfit. Colossus is painted to look silver.

X-Men's Showdown with MagnetoEdit

Colossus comes with Wolverine, Magneto, and Emma Frost in this pack. Colossus comes in a fastball special position, Wolverine in is fastball special pose, and Magneto with his arms out.

Battling the BrotherhoodEdit

Colossus comes with an unmasked Wolverine, transparent Iceman, and a Blob. Colossus is in his version one outfit and is seen metallic.

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