Cyclops is to be in the first season sometime. He will be voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Cyclops is mentioned in the first episode "And Lo, A Pilot Shall Come" by Ms. Marvel, "I have stationed Cyclops, Beast, and a dozen other shield agents at the north side of the wall."


Cyclops (Blue Costume) and Magneto (Silver Base)Edit

Cyclops comes with a toy of Magneto with his costume from the show.Cyclops is in his 90's costume from the comics. He has no accessories at all. He has very little to no articulation on his body.

Cyclops (Classic) and Marvel GirlEdit

Cyclops is seen in his Classic outfit with a Marvel Girl.

Iron Man and Cyclops Repulsor RacerEdit

Cyclops comes with an Iron Man Cruiser set. Cyclops and Iron Man come with a red and yellow car. They also have a little play set with the Mark | Iron Man. Cyclops is in his Astonishing costume from the comic books.

Cyclops and Sentinel Mega PacksEdit

Cyclops is in this Mega Packs with a pink and blue Sentinel. Cyclops can not be stood up in this Mega Pack. Cyclops is a good scale with the Sentinel. Cyclops is about 1/5 of him.

Cyclops is in a black astonishing costume.

X-Men's Danger Room Debacle!Edit

Cyclops is among the 4 other X-Men characters that come with the pack, Angel in a yellow and blue costume, Wolverine in his yellow and blue costume, Magneto in his costume from the other Cyclops toy, Colossus in a red and yellow costume with the armor repainted to look silver. Cyclops is in a black 90's costume.

X-Cutioner's SongEdit

Cyclops is in this Wolverine superhero squad set along with Wolverine, Stryfe, and Marvel Girl.

Cyclops is in his version 1 costume.