Hulk is voiced by Travis Willingham and is, as he should be, very stupid. Hulk is first seen in the first episode on the helicarrier eating out of the fridge and joining Iron Man in a meeting. When Hulk learns of the monsters and sees them on screen, he keeps making comments that "monsters not big, they puny." Falcon finally gives in and agrees that the monsters were "puny." Hulk finally learns that the monsters were huge when they jump out of the helicarrier. Hulk participates in the battle against the creatures and Mole Man. He is once again seen in the second episode in the meeting where they find a fractal and Hulk does not join them. Hulk then learns that Wolverine is in trouble and jumps out the window, even though he lands in Mexico and has no clue where Wolverine is. Hulk apparently found his way back as he is seen in the third episode as one of the heroes that goes to rescue the Silver Surfer. The episode "Hulk Talk Smack!" was Hulk's main episode, just as the third one was Silver Surfer's. Hulk is first seen with Falcon in the library where he was seen reading a dictionary. He yells "Hulk wait for movie," but that unfortunately was enough to get Klaw and Screaming Mini's, the Lethal Legion they were spying on, attention. That forces a giant battle between Hulk and Falcon and Screaming Mimi and Klaw and Hulk gets the fractal. Hulk attempts to grab it but Falcon tells him that fractals are scary. Hulk refuses to believe a fractal is scarier than him so he grabs it and becomes the smart-alec Gray Hulk. The new Hulk was smart but very obnoxious and rude. He threw away Falcon's pet and games and insults Wasp. Hulk finally ditches the Fractal to stop M.O.D.O.K and Abomination from hurting Wasp and Falcon. He then goes back to the library and takes out a book, but eats it. In the fifth episode, due to his big appearances before, Hulk has a small appearance in this episode. He is among the Squad to go to Doctor Strange's Palace and takes part in the battle. Hulk is seen babysitting the young girl in the sixth episode. He is seen playing hide and seek with her. He also fights Doom and his minions in both battles for the young girl.

Powers: Edit

  • Vast Super Strength
  • Limited Invulnerability
  • Regeneration
  • Super Leaping
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes
  • Astral Vision
  • Telepathic Resistance

Game Edit

Hulk is to be among the playable characters in the Marvel Super Hero Squad Game.

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